Wattles, Tri-Dikes & Hay Dikes Installers Jackson, MS 

When erosion occurs, disaster can strike for landscapes, water sources, construction sites, and structures. Soil loss, compromised foundations, water contamination, and environmental degradation all pose a significant threat to the environment and to the integrity of our infrastructure. That’s where Mid-State Erosion Control enters the scene, offering innovative erosion solutions! Formidable erosion control methods such as wattles, tri-dikes, and hay dikes can prevent disaster and damage, as well as combat soil erosion effectively. Mid-State Erosion Control stands out as your go-to erosion control company in Jackson, MS, and beyond. 

Contractors for Wattles, Tri-Dikes & Hay Dikes Installation

What are Wattles in Soil Erosion?

Wattles are cylindrical tubes made of natural fibers like straw or coconut fibers. The tubes are held together with synthetic, biodegradable netting. The wattles are then placed along contours or slopes in strategic positions for water diversion and erosion control. The tubes, in part, act as filters, moving water through the fibers to reduce erosion and remove sediment. 

Wattles also reduce the speed of water runoff which enables sediment to settle in the slower-moving water. This protects nearby water sources, reduces topsoil from being washed away, and clears moving water of sediment.

How Do Tri-Dikes Reduce Erosion?

Trapezoidal dikes, more commonly referred to as tri-dikes, are triangular shaped concrete or rock structures. They are strategically placed and constructed within water flow areas to slow and divert water flow. When water is channeled around tri-dikes, it moves in designated paths to minimize its power and flow, primarily to prevent widespread soil displacement. This slowing of water also allows sediment to be deposited in controlled areas and reduces the likelihood that vegetation, soil, or anything else in the water’s path is displaced. 

Hay Dike Installation for Erosion Prevention

Hay dikes, nicknamed brush mattresses, essentially act as a natural ground protection and barrier. Constructed of organic materials, straw or hay, and biodegradable geotextiles, they are laid horizontally over large areas of ground to control water flow and prevent soil erosion. As the water flows through hay dikes, the sediment is filtered out and deposited rather than being carried off by runoff. Hay dikes also protect the soil by reducing the impact of heavy water drops and absorbing water. Due to their organic nature and protective placement, they also foster vegetation growth which further stabilizes the soil and prevents soil erosion. 

Erosion Control Company Near Me

Mid-State Erosion Control has proudly served the Jackson mid-state area for years, providing reliable, affordable erosion control solutions for construction sites, environmental impact areas, and property owners. MSEC has earned our reputation for effective erosion control solutions because we know that every situation is unique and requires site-specific considerations. When we examine an area, we consider the slope, soil type, water flow patterns, erosion risks, nearby water sources, and other natural characteristics of the site. Our experienced team also takes into account the potential environmental impact, always prioritizing an environmentally-friendly method that minimizes disturbances to surrounding ecosystems. Employing all these factors enables us to select the best erosion control method for the task at hand. In many situations, we will utilize a combination of erosion control techniques to ensure that erosion is combated in a comprehensive manner.