silt fencing installation near me

Mid-State Erosion Control is your go-to silt fence company right here in Jackson, Mississippi and surrounding areas! We professionally install silt fencing as an erosion control measure during land-disturbing activities, from new construction sites to remodels and general land erosion maintenance. With our expertise, understanding of erosion control regulations in construction, experience in the industry, and commitment to environmental protection, we are well-equipped to implement silt fencing as part of your construction project’s erosion control measures. Contact us today and we can discuss your erosion control requirements. We’d love to be a part of helping you safely and effectively mitigate your environmental impact and promote responsible land management practices! 

What is Silt Fencing?

A silt fence is constructed of a water-permeable fabric material stretched between wood or metal posts to form a continuous fence line. The fence’s primary purpose is for the silt fence geotextile fabric to allow water through but catch any sediment, debris, and mud that may be carried along with the flowing water. A silt fence is traditionally installed where runoff water naturally flows on the perimeter of a construction site or slope of land in order to control sediment runoff, minimize erosion, manage stormwater, protect the environment and construction sites, and safeguard nearby water quality.

When is a Silt Fence Required?

When a new construction site is being prepared and building is well underway, the environment surrounding the project is disrupted. Soil and sediment under and around the site are disturbed and moved. Once rain, water, or wind is introduced, that sediment and erosion dumps into nearby bodies of water, storm sewers, or properties, causing contamination, clogs and stoppages that can become serious ecological problems. As such, there are many silt fence requirements on local and state levels that insist on silt fencing installation for construction sites. Similarly, many property owners deem it necessary to install silt fencing to reduce erosion and protect the land. Besides construction sites and land clearance areas, silt fences may be necessary below a down slope where soil is exposed and erodible, along streams or channels, road construction sites, surrounding temporary spoil areas.