Rock Check Dam Builders, Jackson, MS

Erosion can single-handedly destroy your home, business, or property. The effects of erosion can also wreak havoc on public-use structures or areas, requiring massive amounts of time and money to repair. The best approach to combat erosion is to call in the professionals! Erosion control companies in Jackson, MS, and beyond offer in-depth knowledge of erosion control methods and local best practices, and are hands-down the best way to control erosion in any arena. Mid-State Erosion Control is your go-to team in the entire mid-state area of Mississippi. We provide effective erosion control methods for a variety of needs, one of which is rock check dams

What Is the Purpose of a Rock Check Dam?

Rock check dams are erosion and sediment control structures designed to slow down the flow of water, reduce erosion, and guide sediment deposition to areas where soil erosion is a concern. Check dams are usually built in concentrated water flow areas like drainage channels, ditches, slopes, swales, and so on. They can be used for construction sites or for water and erosion control on public or private land. Rock check dams serve several purposes in such settings:

  • Erosion Control: These dams slow down the speed of water flow, preventing soil loss by decreasing the erosive force of the water.
  • Sediment Retention: With check dams, if sediment is carried away by water runoff, it is guided by check dams. The sediment is guided and trapped behind the dam to stop it from being transported downstream.
  • Stabilization: Gully formation is decreased by minimizing the impact of fast-flowing water so the slopes and channels are naturally stabilized with the help of rock check dams.
  • Hydroseeding Support: Many times rock check dams are used in conjunction with other erosion control methods such as hydroseeding to further stabilize the soil by establishing vegetation in areas prone to erosion.

Best Erosion Control Company Near Me

If you’re in need of a check dam to control erosion and sediment loss, contact Mid-State Erosion Control! While we most commonly construct rock check dams, we offer various types of check dams based on the specific needs of your land or project. Some common types include: 

  • Rock check dams: Made of rocks or stones across a slope or channel.
  • Brush check dams: Constructed of brushwood or branches.
  • Log check dams: Logs or large wood debris are used to trap sediment and stabilize channels.
  • Silt fence: Silt fence material is used to retain sediment while allowing water to pass through for construction sites or disturbed land areas.
  • Sandbag/gravel check dams: Geotextile bags filled with sand, soil, small rocks, or gravel are used to slow water as temporary erosion control.
  • Fiber roll check dams: A mesh tube filled with straw, wood, or coconut fiber used to slow water, trap sediment, and encourage vegetation growth.
  • Gabion check dams: Primarily used for large-scale erosion control needs or projects, these are wire mesh cages filled with rocks for heavy runoff.
  • Concrete check dams: Poured concrete or concrete blocks for a permanent, lasting erosion solution. 

When it comes to erosion control, you want a trusted name you can count on. Mid-State Erosion Control offers expertise, local knowledge, timeliness, customized erosion solutions, and quality workmanship. All our erosion control solutions in the Mississippi mid-state area are built to last, offering long-term benefits for landowners. Mid-State Erosion Control is your reliable, experienced team for erosion control. Give us a call today!