About Us

At Mid-State Erosion Control, our passion for erosion control all began with a personal connection to the land and a draw to the unique challenges presented by land management. Owning land in Greenwood, MS offered firsthand experience in the basic practices that any landowner needs to have, from wetland management and preservation to erosion control and land maintenance techniques. The opportunity to work with the natural forces that affect land, and understanding how water interacts with the environment sparked a deep interest that eventually grew into the creation of Mid-State Erosion Control.

Owned and operated by a dedicated erosion professional who began in the construction industry, Mid-State Erosion Control was founded with a deep appreciation for the delicate balance between construction and environmental sustainability. We believe that responsible land management practices are essential for creating a harmonious relationship between development and nature.

With that in mind, our team works closely with landowners, developers, and regulatory bodies to develop and implement comprehensive erosion control plans that minimize environmental impact. Our love for working on the land and a long-standing commitment to preserving and protecting the environment has been the driving force behind our success and we take pride in our ability to balance the needs of our clients with the preservation and protection of natural resources.