Safety Fence and Tree Protection Installation Jackson, MS

Any construction site, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, creates potential hazards and hardships for the communities surrounding it. These sites are busy places, filled with equipment and activities that can harm people or the environment if proper precautions are not taken. That’s where a company like Mid-State Erosion Control comes in. We prioritize a responsible and sustainable approach to construction, where protection and safety are paramount. Human safety, tree protection, and erosion control methods are applied by our skilled team to ensure that construction zone dangers are accounted for and minimized while the productive site work carries on seamlessly.

Best Safety Fence for Construction Sites

Safety fences are often called construction fences or temporary fencing. Most commonly orange, green, or yellow, construction fences are indispensable for the protection of the public and the construction site itself for numerous reasons.

  • Security & Safety: These construction safety fences help keep unauthorized personnel out of the site where someone may wander unaware. This reduces the risk of accidents in potentially dangerous construction areas.
  • Reduce Construction Site Liability: Premises liability is a huge concern during most construction projects. By properly installing safety fences, construction companies minimize the risk of legal liability due to accidents or injuries that may occur on the construction site property.
  • Property Protection: Safety fences also help preserve the integrity of the construction site and reduce incidences of theft, vandalism, and unwanted access.

Mid-State Erosion Control has years of experience installing construction safety fences all over central Mississippi. We are your go-to source for construction fencing!

Construction Site Tree Protection & Erosion Control

It’s vital that when construction occurs near trees, proper tree protection measures are put in place. Tree protection ensures that the ecology of the existing environment will be as undisturbed as possible. And it’s not just the trees that require protection during construction projects. Many local and state ordinances exist to protect the delicate ecology of environments around construction sites and ensure that soil erosion is controlled. In the greater Jackson, MS area, Mid-State Erosion Control is often called in to protect the site’s ecology with tree fencing and to establish soil erosion control measures such as silt fencing, sediment basins, erosion control blankets, and more. 

Tree Fencing Installation Near Me

Construction companies can install tree protection themselves but they often call in erosion control experts to ensure proper precautions are in place to protect the nearby trees. Establishing a barrier around trees to protect their root systems and prevent damage from construction equipment or materials. These services may also include pruning, trimming, and care for trees to keep them from growing into construction zones and to ensure their health during and after construction. MSEC and other erosion control companies also ensure that local regulations are followed regarding tree preservation, which may include permits and guidelines for construction near trees.

Environmental Preservation & Soil Stability Measures 

Construction sites use water which may lead to uncontrolled soil runoff. Soil erosion can undermine the stability of the site, leading to landslides or cracked foundations. Runoff can also contaminate nearby water bodies, harming aquatic life and valuable water supplies. 

Best Construction Site Erosion Control Company Jackson MS

For any property owner, developer, or contractor, it’s a priority to ensure that you are adhering to safe and responsible construction practices. The safety and preservation of all living things surrounding a construction zone is paramount, from humans and trees to aquatic life. As such, it’s morally and legally sound practice to hire an erosion control company for safety fence installation, tree protection fencing, and erosion control. By incorporating sustainable and responsible practices into your construction projects, you are building a safer and more environmentally friendly future for all. Contact MSEC today for a free erosion control estimate!