Inlet Protection Erosion Control Methods

If you’re in construction, land development, or environmental management, inlet protection erosion control is a critical aspect of your job, as you have to determine and implement measures to avoid water pollution and erosion. This is most effectively accomplished by preventing sediment and pollutants from entering stormwater inlets, which is no small feat!

If you work in the greater Jackson, MS area, consider Mid-State Erosion Control for your inlet protection erosion control. We utilize a variety of practices designed to safeguard stormwater inlets from construction sites, roadways, and industrial areas, to name a few. It is our passion to prevent flooding and protect water quality in our valued community. Plus, it’s what we do, all day, every day!

Types of Inlet Protection for Jackson, MS 

Having an experienced erosion control team on your side gives you the advantage of exploring the many options when it comes to inlet protection. MSEC can help you determine the various methods of inlet protection that may work for your specific situation and the categories of inlet protection devices available to you, as well as install the decided-upon solution. 

The inlet protective barriers we install are vital components of our local stormwater management systems, designed to capture rainwater and direct it to drainage systems, which ultimately protect our water. Some of our most commonly used inlet protection erosion control methods are listed here.

  • Silt Fences: These are permeable barriers placed around inlets in construction zones to filter sediment from runoff water.
  • Inlet Filters: Here, we place specialized devices that fit inside the inlet to capture sediments and pollutants while allowing water to flow through.
  • Gravel Bags or Ditch Checks: These are installed in drainage ditches or channels to slow down water flow, allowing sediment to settle before it reaches inlets.
  • Grassed Swales: We sometimes use natural or built depressions with vegetation in order to help filter and slow down stormwater runoff.
  • Wattles and Straw Bales: Cylindrical-shaped bales with straw can be placed around inlets to trap sediment and control erosion.
  • Customized Inlet Protection: We are well aware that sometimes the most common approaches are not effective. With that in mind, our erosion control team can assess your site and create a tailored inlet protection solution for your specific situation.

Top Inlet Erosion Control Company Jackson MS

When it comes to water safety, it’s advisable to entrust inlet protection erosion control to professionals. Why? Mid-State Erosion Control has extensive knowledge and experience in implementing erosion control measures. We are well-versed in local regulations, erosion control best practices, and site-specific requirements. Our team consistently creates site-specific solutions that address your site’s erosion conditions and risks directly. We also have extensive expertise in compliance requirements and ensure that all measures are in line with local, state, and federal regulations. Plus, we work efficiently and effectively to install your erosion control method so that you can properly protect the environment and avoid erosion while getting a move on your project. 

For long-term erosion control solutions that promote the sustainability and health of the environment in the years to come, contact MSEC! We’re ready to get started on your erosion control project today!