Comprehensive Erosion Control Solutions Jackson, MS 

Mid-State Erosion Control offers a wide range of customized erosion control services to suit your project’s specific needs. We offer our erosion measures for residential and commercial applications where comprehensive solutions are required to mitigate erosion and promote environmentally responsible land development. As your go-to erosion company in Jackson, Mississippi and beyond, we consistently exceed expectations with long-lasting, quality erosion solutions that withstand erosive forces and the test of time.

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Applying erosion control techniques is essential for preventing erosion, minimizing sediment runoff, and protecting water quality during construction or land-disturbing activities. The most successful erosion control measures are unique to specific site conditions and project requirements. Our reliable process begins with a free consultation with our erosion control professionals, where together, we assess your erosion control problem, determine the best approach, and develop a comprehensive erosion control plan tailored to your specific project needs. This plan may include any number of erosion control measures.


Hydroseeding or hydromulching is a process that involves applying a mixture of seed, mulch, fertilizer, and water onto the surface of the soil. The goal of hydroseeding is to grow grass or other vegetation through a process that promotes seed germination, grows vegetation quickly, controls erosion, retains moisture, and stabilizes the soil. Hydroseeding is a quick way to establish vegetation over large areas of land.

Silt Fencing

This is a method of minimizing the environmental impact of construction and is required on most construction sites to prevent erosion and protect nearby water quality. Water-permeable fabric fences are installed along slopes or construction perimeters to trap and contain any sediment or debris as it flows along with the water.

Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion control blankets are biodegradable or synthetic mats laid out over slopes and soil designed to protect and stabilize the soil surface, promote vegetation growth, and minimize erosion caused by wind and water runoff.

Slope Repair and Armoring

This erosion control measures stabilizes and protects slopes using techniques such as retaining walls, gabion walls, soil nailing, or other structural reinforcements. The main goal of armoring is to prevent landslides and slope failure.

Rock Check Dams

Using rocks or concrete blocks, dam-like structures are built across channels or waterways to reduce water flow velocity, trap sediment, and prevent erosion.


Wattles involve the installation of cylindrical tubes filled with straw, wood fibers, or other materials along slopes or channels to control erosion, filter sediment, and reduce water flow velocity.


Another method of slowing water, promoting sediment deposition, and stabilizing slopes is the construction and installation of three-sided structures made of rock or concrete blocks.


Haydikes are erosion control structures made of hay bales or straw bales stacked in a line along slopes or channels. This is another way to trap sediment and reduce water velocity. Haydikes are particularly effective in areas with concentrated flow or runoff.

Selective Clearing/Underbrushing

This involves the removal of specific vegetation or debris on a construction site or land area that still allows desirable vegetation to stay and which minimizes soil disturbance. It helps create a stable environment for construction sites.

Construction Entrance Preparation

This involves designing and installing special entrances to construction sites in order to prevent construction vehicles from tracking sediment onto public roads. Typically geotextile fabric or gravel pads are installed to remove sediment from vehicles and prevent its spread onto roadways.

Inlet Protection

At stormwater inlets, sediment traps or filters are installed to prevent sediment and debris from entering storm drains and drainage systems.

Street Sweeping

Regular street sweeping removes sediment, debris, and other pollutants from the street and keeps water from entering storm drains and other waterways. 

Concrete Washout Construction

Concrete washout areas or containment systems are designed to capture and contain concrete wastewater on construction sites, preventing it from entering storm drains or water bodies and causing erosion or pollution.

*We also offer land services including the installation of safety fences and tree protection, and acreage and lot mowing.